Discussions on creative advertising agencies

Discussions on creative advertising agencies

The production department deals with all the technical aspects necessary for the realization of an advertising campaign. In this department, they coexist of

Producer: professional figure who coordinates professionals and suppliers for the production of audiovisual materials; TV producers create commercials based on scripts or storyboards prepared by the creative group creative agency in Melbourne.

Art buyer: specialist in the procurement and purchase of material and in the choice of personnel (photographers, modeling agencies, etc.) essential for the effective implementation of the campaign. It deals with conducting economic negotiations with suppliers (photographers, illustrators) and procuring the props, that is the material necessary to create the environment in which the product to be photographed is inserted.

Executivist: supervises the creation of all material intended for the publishers of newspapers or periodicals and takes care of the production of printed matter such as posters, flyers, leaflets, catalogs, etc.

Planning department . In the larger agencies there are departments specialized in strategic planning, which deal with strategic planning: developing and implementing action plans aimed at building and defending advantages over competitors in the medium and long term. The strategic planner’s primary task is to track the strategic development of communication for a product or brand . Study the best way to consolidate or modify its positioning and basic promise (see USP), bearing in mind the possible changes in the competitive scenario and in consumer tastes and trends. The strategic planner therefore guarantees continuity and coherence (over time and between media) to the advertising communication of a brand, helping to characterize the latter in the eyes of the consumer.

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The media department carries out an activity of planning the presence of advertising campaigns on the media (see Media planning ) and negotiating with the relative publishers and concessionaires the purchase price of the advertising spaces necessary for the realization of the campaigns themselves (see Media buying ) . Usually, the media department is located outside the agency: it is an organizational function that operates within a media center , just like Media Research , which operates in the media planning phase and in general when the use of various media searches.

The strategy of communication agencies. In fact, the customer is followed starting from the strategy phase in which the reference target is defined and identified through market analysis; in order to establish the most effective means of communication for the target. At the same time, it deals with analyzing different media and evaluating the audience and the presumed objectives of the individual vehicles. A communication campaign , in fact, is effective only and only if it reaches the target of the product it is talking about. It is not correct to send the message to all possible recipients because, if the possibility that it reaches millions of people is sustainable (think of an advertisement on television: it is seen by a multitude of users), the passage from “Recipient of the message” to “purchaser of the product”. On the contrary, a correct strategy aims at a conversion rate as close to 100% as possible.