Tips to know to have successful grain storage

How Fertilizer Spreading Benefits your Farming Services?

Grain stored on farms for livestock or seed is a vital investment. An exercise in income protection is shielding the grain from an attack of insects like grain storage by mcnaughts. At McNaughts they provide grain storage and have the ability to stock more than 120,000 metric tonnes of product in their storage site. They can store products including barley, cottonseed, wheat, canola, and maize.

Grain storage is necessary to the success of marketing and selling quality products. Low commodity prices in the past few years lead farmers to store more grain. It is important to know how to properly store grain once you’re keeping it for a longer time. You have to make sure to maintain it in good condition. Protecting the grain from moisture conserves the value of the grain.

 Grain Storage

Preparing your grain bin for the season needs updates, maintenance, and a clean bin. To save the complete new crop cleaning out the storage system is a must. This is to get rid of any grain that may be infected with insects or moisture. The temperature and moisture content of the grain is crucial factors in keeping grain in great condition.

Tips to conserve grains and grain storage bins:

  • Storage Alternatives

When choosing between temporary or permanent storage, there are a lot of things to consider. Such as the long-term storage needs, the extra manpower and/ or equipment needed to fill. The cost to build a properly drained site for temporary structures. Also, take into account the completed time your grain will be stored.

grain storage by mcnaughts.

  • Clean, Inspect, and Exam

Before filling a bin with grain, inspect the bin entirely, inside and out. Replace all missing or broken bolts. Pain or change rusty wall sheets and seal the bin to the foundation properly. Also, replace all door covers or lids that are missing. This consists of all present fungi, grains, and doings thorough inspection of the floors.

  • Practice Service Check

Make sure to have a pre-season check on your drying equipment. Check to ensure that all electrical connections, safety circuits. And components are functioning properly and in place. Consider checking all pieces of equipment with computerized or solid states controls systems.

  • Temperature check

Correct aeration allows good temperature control. Yet the weather and seasons still have an important effect on the contents inside the bin. Temperatures in the bins will vary by season and region. Maintain the average grain temperature to within 10-15 degrees of the average outside air temperature.

  • Storage Conditions

Grain should be stored at the finest temperature and moisture level during storage. This needs correct management of the aeration system to prevent insect production and growth of mold. The time needs to aerate properly the grain is defined by the amount of air moving through the grain.