Supply chain tracking software to keep your business in check

supply chain tracking software

The term supply chain includes every step included in the process of production of a product. Starting from the raw material collection to the storage of the product in the warehouses after manufacture, come under the supply chain. The management and tracking of these processes are crucial to avoid the leakage of business secrets and the production of counterfeits. However, tracking every product in a huge-scale factory is similar to searching for a needle in a haystack. To our luck, with the development of the human race towards technological advancement, the software does the job. supply chain tracking software is a vital requirement of manufacturers these days.

How does supply chain software work?

We must have noticed that each product we buy in the market has a unique bar code or QR code printed upon its packaging. As kids, we must have all wondered what these codes are about. The answer is simple. It helps us track their shipping until the purchase. On scanning the code, the manufacturing details will be revealed which helps the retailers verify the originality of the goods. The supply chain tracking software keeps in store the details of all the products manufactured by the factory. The unique codes are generated by the software.

Benefits of supply chain tracking software

  • Helps brands gain insights on trends
  • Keeps track of top-selling products
  • Keeps track of production
  • Keeps logs of sales
  • Has details of distributors and retailers
  • Alerts us about products sold outside the approved channels
  • Helps us verify counterfeits

Coming to think of it, the system doesn’t only help us capture counterfeit makers and illegal sales but also other cases. Often these bar codes end up playing a huge role in identifying criminals as the system keeps track of the item and allows us to know the purchaser of the product that might have been a part of the evidence.

Things to know:

Supply chain tracking software can be installed by contacting technological or IT companies. A separate team of technological experts must be hired for the maintenance of the software. The system also ensures the security of the product’s originality. Any attempts of duplication of the codes will require the scanning of the code. However, when the code is scanned, the location of the scan can be traced through the software. If the location is unidentified by the operators, the manufacturers hold the right to legally investigate the matter.