Are CNC Machines Good or Bad?

CNC Machines

Computer Numerical Control, popularly termed as “CNC machines” are machines that represent a manufacturing process used to control a very wide range of complex tasks like cutting, milling, grinding, drilling, or shaping raw materials like metals or plastics into parts that meet exact specifications. There are numerous cnc machine manufacturing companies in this world and age with the industries growing at such a fast pace.

CNC machine follows a procedure called “CNC machining” which is a process in which pre-programmed computer software controls and dictates the operation and movements of factory tools, or machine tools from mills, grinders, CNC routers to lathes. Although these machines are highly important for industrial use, like every coin, they have two sides to them. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of these machines in detail here:

CNC Machines

Advantages of CNC Machine

  • They are for heavy-duty use, meaning they can be used continuously throughout the year or so 24/7.
  • They require less maintenance, occasionally needing to be switched off.
  • They don’t require high-level/skilled people to operate.
  • They have a common design that does not differ from others and is programmed in such a way that they can be manufactured into hundreds or thousands and still look identical.
  • They can be updated by improving the software used to run them.
  • A multiple of these machines can be run by a single person, as they don’t require extreme supervision. They are programmed to run on their own, once turned on. And may occasionally need a replacement of cutting tools but that’s about it!
  • With modern designing software, a designer is allowed to simulate the manufacture of his/her idea. This saves time and money.
  • Training for the correct safe way of using these machines is really easy as it can be learned through software designed to be just like a video game which is smart and rather fun.

Disadvantages of CNC Machines

  • Although very useful and efficient, they are very expensive as compared to other manual operating machines. The good side is that prices are slowly coming down!
  • As it can be run by a single person or a small team is enough for its use and maintenance, fewer workers are needed to operate them. Hence, investing in these costly machines may lead to unemployment.
  • These machines are not heavily dependant on skilled technicians or engineers, which means that having this easy way out is leading to the real skills and old school educational professions fading out.


With the world growing so rapidly, it is only natural to fall to what’s in front of the eyes or what’s easy. CNC machines are an important asset, even though they have their side of downfalls, there are great CNC machine manufacturing companies that keep putting out good products.