Reviewed Scaffolding Towers for super-speed 80 light trade Tower

Reviewed Scaffolding Towers

In many work-at-height situations, scaffolding towers are an excellent alternative to ladders. For example, suppose the job is going to take a long time. In that case, employees will be considerably safer and more comfortable standing on the large platforms of a scaffolding tower rather than on the tiny rungs of a ladder. Another advantage of tower scaffolding is that more than one operator may use it simultaneously. Scaffold towers also allow for a far greater number and weight of tools and supplies than ladders. Here’s some information about the Super-Speedy 80 light trade alloy tower, which is a durable and dependable all Trade Scaffolding:

About the Mega-Speedy 80 Light Industrial Alloy Tower Scaffolding Towers

This tower has been certified to fully conform with the European Class 3 standard, an upgrade of the former HD1004 criteria, indicating that it has completed a series of rigorous testing and is suitable for light commercial usage. The Mega 80 contains additional elements to ensure that the 3T assembly technique meets UK Health and Safety requirements. The Super-Speedy tower is a superb value for the money because of the bundled components. Due to its aluminum design can handle a maximum safe operating load of 150kg while being extremely light. While built for light commerce use, the building may also be utilized for household purposes.

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Scaffolding Towers: The Mega-Speedy 80 Light Trade Tower’s Features

The compact base dimension of 1.75m x 0.83m is a crucial characteristic of this tower, allowing it to fit into tight spaces. The structure rungs are serrated for added safety and are meant to be non-slip. A castor pack is supplied to make moving the tower easier. Furthermore, the standard unit fold for convenient storage. However, you should be aware that flexible legs aren’t included. They may be purchased as an add-on. The Super-Speedy tower’s modular architecture makes it a fantastic bargain because just what’s needed may be bought, and more modules can be added as required.


Scaffolding Towers: The Super-Speedy 80 Tower’s Specifications

The maximum operating height of the tower is 3.80 meters, while the highest platform level is 1.80 meters. It’s crucial to remember that the full safe working load for the building is 150kg. The tower, which measures 1.75m x 0.83m, complies with all essential health and safety laws. However, it’s crucial to ensure that aluminum towers like the Mega 80 are appropriately erected and operated because their low weight makes them susceptible to flipping. For the tower to be sturdy and avoid accidents, all components must be in place.

Stabilizers may be required in some circumstances to guarantee that scaffold towers are deployed safely.



Working at height is safer and more efficient with all Trade Scaffolding, such as the Mega 80 light industrial alloy tower.Look at what the Midland Staircase Company has to offer for several of the most fantastic ladder bargains in the UK.