CCSVI Examination

Personal examination/treatment

The goal of this website is to track development, especially research. CCSVI is currently under research. Examination and treatments are not standard medical methods. Access to treatment for multiple sclerosis must be based on science, not hope. Unfortunately, the research is still in the beginning. There are no scientific publications about "stenting" and thus there is no valid experience on that. Stents could be risky in the long term. A treatment in foreign countries may have additional risks. After-care examination should not be forgotten. Treatments should only be done within good scientific studies in order to increase the knowlege rapidly for everyone. See at the following presented book "Testing Treatments".

Better Research for Better Treatment

Instead of pushing your own treatment outside clinical trials, please, support good research (fair tests) for better evidence. This allows better decisions for everyone in shorter time. Prof. Zamboni advocates also this strategy ("… we are still at the stage where we need to understand if this type of treatment makes sense, with who and when, etc. … We can’t be like cowboys and try new things on other people’s skins before it was experimented safely, so I insisted that, if the treatment has to be done, they should be done by a group that have a program, with their proper neurologist and with a conservative regimen. …" [ws_sardinia10a] ). A detailed explanation for this strategy is given in the book "Testing Treatments". I recommend it to every patient.

Testing Treatments: better research for better healthcare"Aimed at both patients and professionals, Testing Treatments builds a lively and thought provoking argument for better, more reliable, more relevant research, with unbiased or ‘fair’ trials, and explains how patients can work with doctors to achieve this vital goal."