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First Blinded Study of Venous Insufficiency Prevalence in MS Shows Promising Results

Press release February 9, 2010, University at Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. – More than 55 percent of multiple sclerosis patients entered in the initial phase of the first randomized clinical study to determine if persons with MS exhibit narrowing of the extracranial veins causing restriction of normal outflow of blood from the brain were found to have the abnormality, neurology researchers at the University at Buffalo have found.

When the 10.2 percent of subjects in which results were border line were excluded, the percentage of affected MS patients rose to 62.5 percent, preliminary results show, compared to 25.9 percent of healthy controls.

These preliminary results are based on the first 500 participants in the Combined Transcranial and Extracranial Venous Doppler Evaluation (CTEVD) study, which began at UB in April 2009. Investigators are planning to examine 500 additional subjects, who will be assessed in the second phase of the study with more advanced diagnostic tools. Complete data on the first 500 will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology meeting in April.

Bologna Konferenz 8. Sept. Pressemeldung (Deutsch)

Bologna, Dienstag, 8. September 2009
Venöse Funktion und Multiple Sklerose
Internationales Symposium

Vier Hauptpunkte, die die Beziehung zwischen CCSVI und Multipler Sklerose betreffen wurden von verschiedenen Experten auf einer Tagung in Bologna behandelt. Die Forschungen, die eine Antwort auf diese vier grundlegenden Punkte gaben wurde von Prof. Paolo Zamboni koordiniert, der CCSVI und die Verbindung mit Multipler Sklerose entdeckte; in einigen Fällen wurde die Forschung in Kooperation zwischen Prof. Zamboni und bedeutenden ausländischen Universitäten durchgeführt.

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